The passion of NO/AN's atelier founder - Antonio Mateus - for high-quality, durable leather, as well as handbag design, is the driving force which encouraged him to open his own atelier in 1982.

Today he’s enjoying retirement, but his two daughters, Ana and Sara, have kept his spirit alive, crafting beautiful and stylish bags for the likes of NO/AN and other brands.

Several values define their production process, which underlines the power and expressive force of the human hand. Taking care of their artisans by offering them good working conditions -and letting them sign their bags individually for NO/AN- means that each style is infused with the specific skills and personality of its maker.

Clearly removed from an industrial approach towards luxury -a key principle the sisters happen to share with NO/AN’s founder and designer Anna Lehmusniemi- Sara and Ana Mateus favor transparency and a positive atmosphere to create an empowering space for their team. The human relationships that unite them -and the ongoing creative exchange with other designers- gives their atelier its unique presence.