The primary leather we use for NO/AN bags and accessories is a Portuguese, natural calf grain leather. Grain leather gets softer with time and use. It is solid, resistant and does not require any special maintenance. In case of stains, clean the bag gently with a damp soft cloth or leather cleaner. Finish with leather conditioner.

Ostrich leather is the most exclusive type of leather we use within our line. The skins are sourced individually from a tannery in South Africa and the leather has a naturally smooth feeling. Ostrich leather contains natural oils, which will not only keep it supple, but also conditioned over time. You should never use soaps or solvents on ostrich, as it will damage the leather. In case of stains, remove immediately with a soft damp cloth. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight when it comes to ostrich and other precious skins.

In order to enjoy your NO/AN bags longer, preserve them in a dry environment away from light. Strong liquids and chemicals, such as perfumes, nail polishes and other alcohol-based products, may leave permanent stains on the leather.

The lighter colors of leather may naturally become darker and patinated over time. We certify that all our skins are bi-products hailing from the meat industry.